While he held her hand, she could feel the slight shiver of his fingers. He pulled her close to him, so close that she could feel his warm breath on her face. They stood there for minutes, no one moved forward but they could hear each other’s heartbeats. “I love you.” he said softly, hugging her. She held him tightly, lost in the feeling. “I love you too.” she said pulling away looking into his eyes. Then slowly his lips met hers and she closed her eyes living each second of her kiss to the man she loved. It seemed her love had finally found expression and she was overpowered by emotions so strong that she could fight God to never let this man go. “Oh! How I love you.” she said as she opened her eyes. But he was nowhere around and the room was dark. She was again dreaming of their first kiss. She turned to switch on the light only to see his garlanded picture and broke into tears. He was gone. She wished this was just a nightmare but this was her reality. She recalled that smile on his face as he lay in his coffin. She felt lost, angry, miserable and her eyes had swollen in the last three weeks. “I love you a lot. I can’t live through without you. Please come back.” she spoke through her tears. As though replying to her words she felt his voice say “I love you too sweetheart. I had to go but you are not alone. I am right there with you, within you.” And then she felt the first tiny kicks within her belly!


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