He gasped at the sight of her. It had been months since he had been waiting to meet her. At last his wait was over and she was right there in front of him. He stood there at the door, motionless. Never before had he seen anybody as beautiful as her. Slowly he moved his gaze to look her in the eyes. As his eyes met hers he felt the time stand still. He couldn’t help but stare at her.
She returned the look and he fell in love with those eyes. As she moved her lips to smile at him, he felt his heartbeat increase. That innocence in her face, he wanted to take her home that very moment. He moved closer carefully, afraid not to hurt her by any chance. All he could think of then was to touch her hands. He had heard people discuss those heavenly moments when she would tighten the grip on their fingers.
Slowly and softly he moved his hand towards hers as his gaze lay fixed on those pink palms. As he fumbled with his fingers, she clasped his index finger tightly in her tiny hands. For an instant he stood startled by the way she had reached out for him, but then he looked at her again to find her smiling her way to glory. That very second he promised the Gods that he would protect her smile forever with all his might. And the Gods too knew the purity and truthfulness in these words. It was the promise of a six year old brother for his new born sister as he stood in front of her cradle in the hospital, their hands intertwined.

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