There she is a little girl jumping with the skipping rope… Can you see that innocence in her face… Look at her laughing free from all the worries of the world…

Then why is this sudden tension reflecting on her face… Ohh she seems to have grown up to a teenager… Today she has explored a new meaning of life… As nature worked its magic to reveal to her the aspect of changing from a girl to a woman…

See carefully do you find her eyes glittering… She seems to have fallen in love… She is getting married tomorrow to the man she loves… No one can fathom the feelings she is going through now as she will walk into a new phase of life… Somewhere growing conscious that she should not forget her duties as a daughter as she begins new responsibilities as a daughter-in-law…

Ohh look again as she cuddles her baby in her arms… Can you see that tear of joy escaping through the corner of her eyes… She feels so complete now as motherhood has dawned upon her life… Life never seemed more beautiful to her before… As her little daughter smiled at her and said her first words ‘ma’…

Her face seems so full of wrinkles… It reflects years of worry, pain, sacrifice just to let her little princess own all the happiness in the world… Today her daughter will walk into a new home just as she did years back… She is crying openly today… It seems the flood gates have finally been opened as she weeps in her daughter’s arms… Today she feels sucessful and satisfied.. As she passes on the legacy of womanhood… While she takes her steps back slowly to vanish into the sands of time…

She is your daughter, sister,friend, wife, mother… She is a WOMAN!



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