And then one day you fell in love,
With the wrong person,
Someone who made you dream of togetherness in the future only because they were lonely in the present,
Someone who said all the correct words, but didn’t mean any,
They claimed to love you, but in reality they didn’t,
It all seemed like being in paradise to you,
But one day things changed,
They did not need you any more,
So they decided to throw you away from their lives,
It was an enforced decision for you, t
he only choice,
Slowly you drifted away,
With a painful heart and tears in your eyes,
You thought you would never forget them,
Eventually you did,
You were happy to be independent,
No burden pulling you down when you wanted to fly,
Free to explore the beauty of the world with a stronger self,
And you were happy and blessed to be single,
The princess of only one man, your dad!!


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