We often do a lot of things in life just to please others,
And a lot of it is recognized and reciprocated too,
But quite a number of times the people who matter the most to us do not even notice our little steps to make them feel loved,
That’s probably because they never really care,
Yet again, there will be some people who will be absolutely enthralled by your smallest of ways to express love for them,
They are the only ones who will stand by you when you feel your entire world has fallen apart,
They don’t do that because they are bound by some rules or some forceful relations,
They do it cause their worlds begin and end at you,
They do it because they love you,
They are the reasons for your existence,
Yes, they are your parents,
Love them, respect them, trust them, adore them,
In life they are the only people who should matter the most to you,
Cause in their lives, you do!!



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