There she lay in the corner of the room, unable to move,
She was still in shock,
And she was scared,
He said he would come again,

With every part of her body aching,
She felt the blood oozing out of her body,

But she had to pick herself up and clean the mess before her parents came,
She couldn’t let them know what had happened to her,
The trauma was too much for her to bear,
He was so old, her uncle, how could he do such a thing to her,

With every wrong touch he made,
She felt like losing her inner self,

As he forced himself on her, every protest was in vain.

She was disillusioned,
Having lost faith that the world was made up of good people,
And just then the doorbell rang,

With trembling feet, she raised herself up,

Tried running as fast as she could to clean herself, but she fell down,

Her body was just not supporting her,
Yet she used all her strength and did the necessary before opening the door,
There stood her father,
He had brought chocolates for his little princess,
As he tried hugging her,
She pushed him back and ran into her room,

She was scared of her dad,
She was scared of every man!!


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