If loneliness is what you are scared of,
Learn to love being all by yourself,
Quite often it can be magically powerful to know your strengths and weakness when alone,
Which you would otherwise be unaware of when in some company,
To fight against the fear of being alone can itself help you get rid of all your phobias,
To stop and look around to find no one can be very depressing,
But to remove that feeling and start walking again can be the best way to emerge as a winner,
And it’s always better to walk on your own chosen path than blindly following where the crowd takes you,
In your loneliness you will find your true self,
A new self that no criticism can overpower,
A confidence that is self found and self made,
Looking back on life will become lot more easier cause you have left behind all the negativity surrounding you,
And you need not fear or care about anything in the world,
Cause YOU, yourself are your best friend!!


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