April stared at the unkempt pile of books and papers. Small cobwebs had comfortably occupied the corners and there was a visible layer of dust on the top layer of books. Although she loved this little corner in her room, cleaning it had always brought a frown on her face. As she tried wiping off the dust, she sneezed four times before she could raise her head again to look at those little monsters waiting to attack her with dust and spiders. “I don’t want to do this”, April cried pulling out some books with only two fingers and dropping them to the floor. Two to three books at a time, she slowly started clearing off the unwanted books and papers. Separating and segregating, she had almost put the Cinderella book in the column for the necessary and the Wisdom magazines in the unnecessary, when she changed her mind and reversed the order. A spider ran over her hand as she removed the Mathematics book from the left corner. “Aaaaaaaaaaa!!”, she shouted. “No, I ain’t doing this”, she told herself but just then something caught her attention. The pink envelope.

Pulling it out from under her science projects, she wiped off the dust from it. It again sparkled just like it had done the last time she had pushed it under the project covers to keep it away from the eyes of her parents. She had forgotten about this in the past 2 years and her eyes gleamed with joy as she held it close to her heart. She threw the wiping cloth to the ground, closed her door and threw herself on the bed. Her heart was beating faster as she opened the cover. Peeping in, she saw them. There lay those 2 letters she had never posted. There were names written on each of them and she recalled the times she had poured out her heart into these lifeless papers, instilling life in them.

With trembling hands, she managed to unfold the first letter. The name on it read “MOM”.
Dearest Mom,
Those burn marks on her hands, the wrinkles on your forehead, those dark circles below your eyes, are a visible proof of your immense love and worry about me. I love you a lot too mom. There is no place more comfortable in this entire world than placing my head on your lap. The peace and solace of that moment is unmatchable. You are working 24 hours of the day. Taking care of me and daddy, you have forgotten to even consider thinking about yourself. I often wonder if the worlds’ greatest chefs could win against you in a cooking competition. You are just amazing. Would you share the secret with me someday for being so awesome? And even if you don’t, I would always know that to be awesome I need to become someone like you.
I know the only way I can keep you happy is by becoming a good professional as well as a good individual and I promise I will not let you down. I will try and become the best possible version of you and dad. You know what momma, every time I see my friends throwing tantrums over small things, I thank God for gifting me the best parents who taught me to be content with the little that I have. Your ideals, morals, values are so instilled in me that I know the day I walk out to face the world, there will be people who will always want to know the secret of my wonderful personality. And can you guess my answer? Well yes I will tell them that in your next birth, be conceived in the womb of my mother! I love you mom!
Yours forever,

As she finished reading those words, she felt tears escape from the corner of her eyes. Slowly she unfolded the second letter. It was addressed “DAD”.
Dearest Dad,
You know what I love you a lot. Maybe I have just failed to express it to you in all these years. But just like every girl claims to the princess of her father, I know you are my only supreme king. Nobody can replace your presence in my life. There’s a smile on your face even after being drained of energy working for 10 hours a day. How do you supposedly do that? You have to be some superman to manage work and home so well. You always buy me two clothes even if I ask just for one. But when I ask you to buy something for yourself, you tell me that you have enough. Well dad, today I realise that I have enough too. I have two people in my life who mean more than the world to me.
That glitter in your eyes my good grades in school brings, I can always study hard just to let it be there all throughout our lives. You have given in your blood, sweat and energy every day of your life just to ensure that I have a good life ahead. As I grow up dad, I can clearly see the sacrifices you both have done for me. There has been so much you have given up in your life just to avoid any hindrance to my education, that I promise you, someday you will walk along the streets and tell the world that I am proud to be her father. But you know what I will do after that? I will hush you up and tell them, do you know who I am? I am the daughter of this amazing man! I love you dad!
Yours forever,

Her eyes were overflowing with tears by now and she felt her throat go dry. She had penned down these few words 2 years back when her parents had given off the idea of buying a car just to provide for April’s education. Today she was studying in a wonderful college and she could see her parents dreams finally come true. As she thought of giving away the letters to them, she pulled her feet back and carefully sealed them in that pink envelope once again.She wanted to wait just a little longer. Some things in life are worth the wait, she thought. She was eagerly looking forward to the day when she will be handed over her job letter. That day many dreams will be fulfilled, many smiles will adorn her life. That day she will post the 3 unposted letters.





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