That break of dawn when he will pull you closer and tighten his hug around you as you both sleep peacefully will be always the best kind of morning. Yes he, I’m sure you had a name in your mind as you read those lines might not be the one who will spend his lifetime with you. But don’t be sad, cause he isn’t meant to define your forever.

One fine day you will meet your prince charming who might not have the perfect physique or be anything close to how you imagined him to be, but he will say all the correct things and mean every word he says. He might not sweep you off your feet with fake flattery like others do, but he will surely make you feel those tiny butterflies in your stomach every time he compliments you and slightly kisses your forehead. Don’t look for perfections, remember you aren’t perfect too.

Let the imperfections bring the missing spark in your life.

He will keep his promises!
He will keep his promises!

Yes indeed, look for the man who will kiss your forehead and not your lips first. Cause that man will be the one who will never let the world disrespect you. He will also be the same man who will be your best friend, your philosopher and your love at every stage of life.In these limited number of days we live, a thousand people will come and go, each leaving a mark in our lives. In those thousands, he will be one of them who will promise you a forever and stick to his words. He will be the one to listen to your stupid talks, laugh and cry with you. Don’t let go of him.

He’s yours in this 7 billion people in the world and the day you meet him you will know why.

Why it was him, why no one else could ever be close to being HE in your life!!


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