Somewhere in between rapes, molestations and eve teasings the world has forgotten the goodness of men in this world. Everybody is so busy in proclaiming and believing lines like “All Men Are Dogs”, that they have ceased to think that “Not All Men Are The Same”. Although I too stand strongly against any form of female injustice but it makes me wonder how we girls have been brought to make believe and accept the fact that “Do Not Trust Any Man”, not even your father or brothers. Somewhere that’s true and it has been proved by in-numerous instances in the past, yet we should all make attempt to stop stereotyping “Men As Dogs” and start treating them as “Humans”. Enough said, and so on this very special occasion of International Men’s Day, here’s my little tribute to all the wonderful men I have come across till date.


You make our lives worth living. As our fathers, brothers, friends, lovers, husbands and in every other role you play, I would just like to let you know once again how lucky we girls are to have each and everyone of you by our sides. And trust me, we cannot imagine our lives without you
and we want to let you that you are extremely special . How much ever we might curse the world for its unchivalrous men at the end of the day we still trust blindly the closest men in our lives. The ones truly worthy to hold on to.

“I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage, or my toughness, who does not believe me naïve or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman.”

Anaïs Nin, French/US author

Girls are often said to be the over expressive and over emotional ones in both the genders, and that makes me wonder how perfectly do you guys manage to hide your tears from the rest of the world till you get to your secret corner to pour your hearts out! Why is it said to be wrong if a man has tears in his eyes? How much ever strong, muscular and rigid you might seem, but still I’m pretty sure a sad scene in a movie breaks you up as much as it does the girl next to you in the theatre. Yet it is you who is supposed to hold back your tears and make your crying friend smile again.And still do you think it’s wrong if we call you guys ‘cute’?

Just to let you know, we girls love our guy friends as much as we love our girl friends, sometimes even more. From personal experiences too I know it’s much less drama hanging out with guys. Gossiping isn’t usually your cup of tea and that’s exactly what makes girls more comfortable in talking to you. We know you wouldn’t bitch about us behind our backs and would rather prefer to insult us on our faces. We know we can trust you with our secrets cause unlike many girls, you wouldn’t go around telling it to every second person you meet. Moreover, you are just perfect with your
humour and can crack a silly joke even in serious situations just to lighten up the mood. You make awesome cool best friends and the ones we girls would not dare to lose ever in our lives. Cheers to you!

“Do not trust all men, but trust men of worth; the former course is silly, the latter a mark of prudence.”

Democritus, Ancient Greek pre-Socratic philosopher

You also make doting fathers. As a child of a man with two daughters, I know that daughters are treated like princesses by their fathers. I never grew to up to feel that my parents loathed the fact that they had to bring up two daughters, rather my father always says he is proud to have us in his
life. Indeed so the world is changing and not everyone is dying to have a son. I have heard so many men say that they would rather prefer to have a daughter. Yet they would also be equally grateful if they have a son. To children, fathers are their ultimate super heroes. No super power of
Superman, Batman, Iron man or even Shaktimaan can help us when those tiny wicked spiders, cockroaches and lizards are waiting to jump upon us and we are running around frantically all over the house looking for our father who would surely throw the insect out of the house, no matter how much those slimy bodies freak them out too. He is the only man who will never be able to tolerate a tiny drop of tear in our eyes. I’d rather not say much, cause for each one of us, our father is the most special man in our lives.

Apart from one more man who is also extremely special in a girl’s life. Her boy friend and husband. No girl can ever fall out of words to describe how much she is indebted to the universe who conspired to let her meet her prince charming. We love you and no matter how many times we say it yet we would return to say it to you a thousand more times.You’re the one who is on our minds 24X7 and whatever happens we will stand by you till the last
day of our lives cause you mean the world to us and to cut it short we love you. Well and if anyone is wondering what about girls who are single, then I’m quite sure there is some guy in college or school on whom she has a crush and she dreams to be with him someday. Well thank you for being
such sexy, handsome creatures that we girls cannot take our eyes off you. And mind you, it doesn’t require for you to be the most handsome guy around, cause there is one girl for sure for whom you redefine beauty of both body and soul!

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” – Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 161 to 180

In short, once again dear men, it is not that we hate you or have any personal grudge against any one of you, it’s just that we girls are scared, scared to losing our dignity in the crimes you commit. Be a real man. Be the man your daughter would want to get married to, the man your
mother would never have to be ashamed of, the man your sister would introduce proudly to her friends, the man every girl would love to fall in love with. Yet keeping aside all the stereotypes, you make half the population in this world and I would love the world to celebrate this day with as much pomp and show as it is done on occasions like Women’s Day and Mother’s Day. So this International Men’s Day, ladies go show men some love! I did my bit, now go do yours.



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