They will never really know who you are,
The smile well carved on your lips will deceive many,
And that’s exactly what you want,
But the tattered broken self inside,
The tear drops dried on the cheeks,
Would anyone ever notice them?

Would you let anyone see your scars?
Some might want to heal them,
But are you ready for that?
To feel vulnerable once again?

What if they come too close in the process of healing your wounds?
Would they really care to stay?
Do you want to let them stay?


Love was never to be found in letting them see the scars,
It’s always the slow, gentle process of letting someone heal the wounds that rise new sparks in the hearts,
But healing isn’t so easy,
Love comes along,
Are you ready to let someone fall in love with you?

What if you don’t love them back?
Do you have the courage to see them with broken hearts?
Do you want them to go through the same?

You weren’t worthy of their love,
And so weren’t you of the love you lost,
But you loved, you lost,
They healed,
They loved, they lost,
Who will heal?


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