I read this quote some days back on the Internet, and it has stayed with me ever since.

“In a world full of Kardashians, be a Diana.”

In a generation where everybody wants to be the best, we end up following the crowd instead of standing out and voicing our opinion. And why do we do that, cause that is what is easy. We all are looking for shortcuts, aren’t we?

Give yourself a chance. Trust me, self-confidence is all that our generation needs today. We always tend to conclude that we aren’t good enough. Choose to believe that you are the Diana, yes Kardashians exist and are famous in their own right, but do not invest so much time and energy admiring them, that you forget to admire yourself. Respect all, but firstly yourself.

Let the world know you are special, and that it is your choice to be acknowledged for who you are, and not who your group mates are. Groups will change, friends will come and go, but all that will be with you is YOU. Understand what makes you happy and learn to love yourself. You have all rights to do so.



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