We all know how dad’s are the ultimate superheroes when it comes to shoo away insects from the house. Well, for one like me, I hate insects. Slimy, creepy! I like to keep them as far from my territory as possible.

So this one time last year, I was happily eating a mango, and a really big insect crawled into my hostel room, and to top it, both my roommates were nowhere to be seen.  Okay, panic situation. Immediate help needed. Call up daddy.

Me: Big insect in the room! It’s flying here and there! No! Don’t come near me!

Dad: Stop panicking. It won’t harm you.

Me: No, but it scares me. Okay, it is sitting in that corner. What to do now?

Dad: Take your slipper and kill it.

Me: Kill it? Me? That means I need to go close to the insect. I can’t do that!

Dad: Stop behaving like a kid! Do as I say. Be slow, careful not to let it fly away again, and in one swift movement, just swat it.

Me: (Sadly) Okay.

(Moves with ultra slow steps towards it, as if I am planning to kill some enemy, raises the slipper in the hand, and suddenly new question)

Me: What if it flies towards me just as I am about to kill it?

Dad: (Now a little irritated with all my stupid questions)Nothing like that will happen. Just go for it.

Me: Yes, okay.

(Prays to all the Gods that the insect should not attack me in my huge task of killing it, takes the slipper, contemplates once more if this should be done or should I wait for my roommates to return, knows one more stupid question will make Dad angry, and so I just swat it hard. And, it is dead!)

Me: Yay! I killed it. I killed it! Thank you so much.

Dad: See, it was so easy. Okay, eat the leftover mango at peace. Bye.

Because Super Dad could not come to the rescue, he trained his daughter to be the new Super Hero!



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