Every journey brings with it a new set of people and unfolds a new set of stories. Although we meet them only for a couple of hours, yet in that time, they define a small world to us. And more often than not, their stories live with us forever.

But have you ever tried categorizing your fellow passengers? Sounds like fun? Well, let’s do it. And I promise you, by the end of this post, you’d have co-related to either of these types and smiled remembering them.

The ones with too much luggage

Oh! Their never ending luggage! Indeed, these are the first type of people you’d notice once you board the train. And more so, if you share your seating area with them. They’d ask you to shift your bags and try to fit in their bags and boxes in every available corner. Not quite a pleasant way to start the journey for sure.


Those with an RAC ticket

“Could you shift a bit?” “Can I sit here for some time?” are the questions you’d hear from these people. Also, you’d see them either running from the ticket collector or persuading them to give them any empty seat somewhere.


The ones asking for a change of seat

Either for health issues or some other reason, you will always have someone around you asking their co-passengers to exchange seats. Ask me, and I’d exchange for all but a middle seat. Because, middle seat!


That guy/girl eyeing you

Initially you’ll think they are just looking around, only to realize they are looking at you. Usually they aren’t stalkers and in a crowd of unfamiliar faces, a half smile coming your way just makes the journey more entertaining if not anything else. Travelling alone and someone stealing glances isn’t really a bad combination, right?!


That someone playing unheard of Hindi songs

When I say unheard of, I mean songs you haven’t heard in this lifetime and never will. Funnier still, the sound will be coming from some distant corner in your compartment, and you’re like is this even a song?!


The ones with too many eatables

Yes, you’ll always see them eating. Big boxes filled with food for all times of the day. From cutting onions and cucumbers to eating rice, they have it all. My only concern, doesn’t that add up to extra luggage?!

To match Insight INDIA-RAILWAYS

The shut-up-for-a-moment people

They’ll talk and talk and talk..! From ranting about politics and Bollywood to gossiping about colleagues and neighbors, they seem to have a viewpoint about everything and they choose to share it all in those 20-30 hours. Having an opinion about everything is great, but do you realize people around you are trying to sleep?!


The ever-sleeping not-visible ones

This one is me. You’ll find me sleeping 70% of the time. The rest of the time it’s either the phone, laptop or a novel. Well, of course, most of the people travelling alone do the same and honestly, it’s like making up for all the nights of sacrificing sleep for exams or binge watching Game of Thrones.


The entertaining family

Some time into the journey and your attention will turn to them. Usually a set of more than 4 people, they will be talking about how they went about living in different cities on their short trip. Your ultimate access to geography and their happy faces are easy ways to keep yourself entertained.


The cute kids

Their adorable talks and playful nature are a good break from the mobiles and laptops. Playing with them breaks the monotony and indeed is a great refreshment in all the elderly atmosphere in the train.


Those who lived in your city for some time

You’re talking to them about how railway services are not up to the mark and in between conversation you get to know they lived in your city. Then the entire topic of conversation changes to every little experience you both had in the respective place. A guaranteed interesting journey.


The ones from your college/workplace

You meet them all of a sudden in the station and it instantly brings a smile on your face. You know you’ll have company for at least a while. Familiarity in a bunch of unfamiliar faces is such a relief!


The ones you befriend

My favorites. What starts with a simple hello, goes to talking continuously for hours, watching movies together and sharing instances of our lives never to meet them again. From exchanging numbers to staying in contact after the journey, these people truly make up the best part of our journey. Thank you for making those few hours tolerable and so much fun.


Well, this one is to the few faces who make our journeys memorable and giving us tales to narrate to our families and friends. Because, without them there at that time, the picture would have been completely different. Thank you for showing up at the right place at the right time.

To many more fun and interesting journeys in the train and in our lives. Cheers!


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