Remember the last time you wanted to be good enough for someone? Did you succeed? Did that make them love you more?
NO! They just asked you to change a little more, and so you did.
You changed because you were too afraid to accept you as the person you are. Your quirks were judged. So you thought maybe their way to be is the best way. And so people kept coming in, asking you to fit into their moulds of perfect. You gladly obliged.
Until one fine day when you couldn’t take it anymore. You’d had enough. You’d forgotten who you used to be. So you tried to walk away. But then fear took over. You didn’t know how to exist without them. After all, you were their imagery of you. You weren’t YOU anymore. So you gave in and stuck along.
But then the fighter in you reprimanded. This was it. It was time to draw the line. Time to break the shackles that hold you down and stand up once again. Time to pick up your pieces to rearrange them. To go in search for the new YOU.
You had two choices at that moment. To give in to the fear of starting all over again or to fight every demon standing in your way to yourself.
So you tossed a coin. The only question is, when the coin was in mid air, what did you choose?!


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