Every time you meet her, you’ll see how she goes out of her way to make you comfortable. She’ll shower love on you like you’ve never known.
When you talk to her of forever, she’ll smile at you, knowing how forever was just the facade of the deep rooted fear of never wanting to let go. She’ll kiss you to sleep, knowing her presence was comforting to you.
Yet at night, when silence takes over, it is the thought of not making it through to the other end of the rickety bridge of life with the ones who promise forever is what terrifies her the most.
But you’ll never know that. She will never show. She’ll be the strongest you’ll know.
Yet when she wakes you up with a kiss on the forehead, know that a part of her hopes with all her heart, that you are the one who’ll be her forever, the one who will never let go.


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