“Stay”, she said, looking at him. He kept quiet. “I don’t understand what has changed.” She let out a sigh. He recognized that. She always would do the same when disappointed. He felt his heart cringe. Tonight she was disappointed in him.

She kept staring at his blank face. Watching him standing at her doorstep, she could picture the first night he was there. Something had changed since then. His twinkling brown eyes. As they had spent that cold winter night cuddled in each others arms, she recalled how she had fallen in love with the sound of his laughter. It had been a while she had heard him laugh like that.

“You’re mine. Come home love.”, she said, pulling him closer. He was startled by her sudden move. He could feel her heart racing as she gazed deep into his disillusioned eyes. It was difficult to have her so close and not plant a kiss on her forehead. “You know as a little girl I always misplaced the last piece of my jigsaw puzzle. It would make me very sad. I would try my best to keep it safe, yet somehow it slipped away.” Going back in time and thinking of how pieces of puzzles were now replaced by humans, that night she could feel a familiar emptiness fill her soul. Like the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle was lost again.

He tried to free himself from her embrace. He had never done this before. “What has changed?”, he kept asking himself. He could see the pain in her eyes. He recalled the first night he had confessed his love to her. She had tears in her eyes. Watching her cry, he had felt a tiny drop escape his eyes. That night, he had dreamed of their beautiful life ahead. Tonight, he just wanted to leave.

Realizing he was uncomfortable in her arms, she just let go. He was the same man who had once told her she was special. Tonight, he behaved like a stranger. She felt she didn’t recognize him anymore.

He looked at her one last time and turned around to walk away. As the cold breeze of the moonlit sky caressed him that night, he felt a weird emptiness fill his soul. Like his favorite toy was being snatched away from him. Just that tonight it wasn’t a toy. It was her. Maybe, she was the last piece of his jigsaw puzzle.

But did he go back that night?!


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