I have a friend who keeps asking me, “How do I get rid of my stretch marks? They make me look ugly.” And although I keep telling her the marks are just a part of you, this makes me sad.
Millions of people wake up everyday and loath the image they see in the mirror. Somehow we are all stuck hoping we were thin enough, healthy enough, tall enough, pretty enough, fair enough, etc etc. We are all sinking deep in our insecurities of never being enough. Only fitter is how we should be. Nothing more. Nothing less.
You are enough. Just the way you are now. With clothes. And without them. Do not embrace the way you look when you cover yourself up. It is just a facade. Your naked body is your truth.
For years I have told myself I am not pretty enough, and today when I look back I think how stupid I was. I have come a long way to accept the way I am, and I’d be me before I choose to be like anyone of you out there.
You should do the same. We hide ourselves under layers of makeup or the new trend of filters today. But honestly,does it do any good? Do you not go back to that same image of you in the mirror again and wish you weren’t the person you see. There! We are all just fooling ourselves.
So let’s put an end to this. Go choose yourself. Go love yourself. Without the filters and the facades. Remember you only have you. Why not celebrate yourself?! ❤

body positivity


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