When you first walked into the classroom full of unknown people, wondering what this next phase of life will bring in, looking around, you would have found everyone sharing your apprehension. Yet months later, those same people became your little world. Well, college does give you a wonderful set of people to tell stories about, years down the line.

With time you do get accustomed to their little quirks, but what if I asked you to list your classmates in the way they could be best categorized in? Fun much? So let’s see if you can fit in your bunch of people in my little list.

Regular late comers


When you see them across the corridor and check your watch to see what time it is, you know they are in for another round of shouting as soon as they walk into class. “Do you know what time it is?”, “You can leave!”, “Come in for the next class!” are perhaps lines they hear more often than “It’s nice to meet you”. The fun part is to watch them walk away as if nothing happened.

The ones who write down all the notes


You were absent for some class? Or you are the one who gets notes xeroxed the night before the exam? Worrying about who can help you? Oh, here come our sincere kids to your rescue. The ones who probably spend more money on buying notebooks and pens than on other things. Don’t annoy them much though. One day they could save your exams.

Forever talking squad


Finally, after half an hour you decided to listen to some important topic the teacher is discussing. But just when you thought you could try understanding the lesson, here comes the constant murmur. No, wait, not murmur, they talk so loud that after five minutes of the failed attempt of trying to concentrate, you go back to eavesdropping on the rather interesting topic these people have to tell each other. Very honestly, you should be thanked for being the saviors during all the boring lectures.

Cool geeks


Oh c’mon, now don’t tell me geeks and cool don’t go together. You’ve seen them, known them and learnt a lot from them throughout your college life. They are always up with an unconventional answer to the teacher’s question, and more often than not the most sought after people whenever you have some doubt on a topic outside your curriculum. And will they help you? Oh, always. They are some of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.

Sleeping beauties


Be it an interesting class or a boring one, one look at them after about half the hour is done, and they will always be found sleeping. Well, most of the times. And that’s not even the funny part. The funnier part is observing the way they have dozed off and better still, the look on their faces once they wake up. And of course, I need not mention the hearty laughter the class bursts into every time the teachers catch them sleeping.

Extra curricular champs


Be it sports, music, dance, art, theater, management or any other field you can think of, there are always a few who bring in laurels to the college. They will always have stories of how the previous event was, what went well, what didn’t work in their favor. Also, they are the perfect people to start a conversation with when you are looking for a bit of motivation.

The ‘aww’ couples


The ones who give you relationship goals. You’ll often find yourself telling just how cute they look when together, and how incredibly happy they are in each other’s presence. Teasing them is one of the common things you do and their shy smiles always win your heart. Oh, and if you are one of them, I hope you both always stay happy.

Mass bunk coordinator


They are always the first ones to come up with the plan of shooing everyone from class before the next teacher walks in. You see them talking to too many people in class and know what is coming next. And who doesn’t like to bunk anyway? The best memories in college are made in all the bunking scenes.

The ones who attend only when the mass bunk is planned


I had to mention them. Arghh! The irritating ones. You will not see them on regular days, but that one day everyone finally decides to bunk in unison, they appear out of nowhere to attend class and hence you end up losing your attendance. If only they attended class when they were supposed to.

The ‘forever’ friends


Even though you’ve shared the class with over 50 people, not everyone wins your heart like your little happy bunch. It could be just a person or a big group of 10, but these are the ones whom you will call at 3 in the middle of the night to say you need your friend. And you’ll do that cause you know they will be there every single time.

It has been rightly said that the best things in life are always free. Looking back on all those times when you bunked lectures or slept your way through class or failed a subject and laughed about it till you cried, are all moments you carry in some special corner of your heart.

If going through this list makes you nostalgic, well go ahead and drop a text to the ones who made everyday in college a bit more special than it would be. This article is to everyone who has been a part of your class and to the realization that never again will you share the classroom with them ever again.

Cheers to new beginnings and old cherished relationships. 🙂


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